The purpose of a consortium agreement is to allow Reynolds Community College students
to take courses at another college and have those courses count toward their financial aid eligibility at
Reynolds. All courses taken at another college MUST count towards your degree at Reynolds and be
approved before any aid at Reynolds can be disbursed. Consortium agreements are done on a semester by semester basis for each student.

Sequential Steps in the Process:

  1. Decide which course(s) to take at the host school.
  2. Complete Section I of the Consortium Form and list the courses you plan to take in Section II of the form.
  3. Meet with your advisor to ensure the courses will transfer and count toward your degree or Certificate. Have your advisor complete and sign Section III of the Consortium Form.
  4. Send the form to the host school financial aid office and have them complete Section II of the Consortium Form. Follow up with the host school. Make sure the official at the host school certifies your enrollment as soon as possible after their drop/add period.
  5. Check with Reynolds Community College's Office of Financial Aid approximately two weeks after drop/add. Aid adjustments will be made after receiving the completed Consortium Form from the host school.
  6. At the end of the semester, the student is to request official transcripts from host school to be sent to Reynolds Community College.

Please Note: Reynolds will not send your aid to the host school. Therefore, you are responsible for making arrangements for payment of tuition, fees, and books to your host institution. Your aid will be disbursed and applied to your total charges at Reynolds Community College. Any remaining credit balance will be refunded to you, the student.

People Involved in the Consortium Process and Their Responsibilities




  • Initiates the process by downloading the Consortium Form from Reynolds Financial Aid website
  • Completes the form and ensures it gets to the Host School for processing
  • Follows up with Host School
  • Pays for Tuition and Fees at the Host School from personal funds
  • Attends classes
  • Requests Official Transcripts from the Host School after the end of the semester.

Host School

  • Financial Aid representative at Host School processes the form AFTER end of drop period, with help from their Records Office staff if needed
  • Sends form to Reynolds when processed
  • Agrees not to process financial aid
  • Reports any changes in enrollment
  • Records office sends official transcripts (at student request) to Reynolds at the end of the semester

Registrar Staff

  • Works with student to ensure Host School classes will transfer and fit into unmet degree requirements
  • Signs the Registrar staff section of the Consortium Form

Reynolds Financial Aid Staff

  • Helps student and advisor with any questions about the process
  • Provides Consortium Form
  • Accepts completed Consortium Form (with all signatures) from Host School and uses the information to adjust the enrollment status and awards as necessary.